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June 15, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — 37 is enough

Every day I wonder if our government could get more corrupt, our Constitution could get more mangled and our prospects as a democracy get even dimmer. Many people say it is too late to turn around this Titanic that we are living on. If you have children, if you respect all of the soldiers who have died for freedom and liberty and value the American dream, then you must get involved because the whole world is watching. There are still many people in this world who would give their lives for the freedoms and liberty we have that were afforded us by our founders and our creator. Gabriel Gomez will help us build a legacy that we can be proud of, and all it takes is love for this country and exercising the right to vote because clearly there are a lot of politicians, including Congressman Markey, who have forgotten what they stand for and what this country stands for and what their constituents stand for. Navy Seals stand up for all of America. Their love of country never wavers, and they have the humility and the respect for its citizens that cause them to say that a public servant is not a hack looking for perks and special aggrandizement at the expense of the citizens, Congressman Markey, 37 years is enough. A patriot would step aside.

Name those johns

I’ve been discussing the recent news about the prostitution arrest with a group of friends. We feel that the list of johns, no matter who they are, should be made public. In Haverhill, when prostitutes are arrested, they always print the names of their clients. We feel that even though some of these johns may be known to the communities and may hold positions of trust, they are no different than the average Joe Schmoes. Let’s hope there isn’t a double standard here.

Too late?

When we have harmed the planet badly enough that even big business will admit it, you can’t unring the bell. Can we bring it back the way it should be? Seems doubtful, doesn’t it?

Thank you, TIP

Recently my husband was rushed to Lawrence General but could not be saved. If it weren’t for the kind Methuen police officer who notified the Trauma Intervention Program, which sent a volunteer named Kathy to me, I would have been alone at an awful time. Thank you to both and to the entire ER staff that tried to save my husband.

Take a bow, Mary

Raff’s Cafe is a small cafe on Primrose Street in Haverhill that recently raised $568 for the One Fund. Mary Rafferty, the owner, runs a fantastic cafe with great food and daily specials. She deserves acknowledgment.

Out of Africa

My wife recently received a letter addressed to her from Africa informing her that she had won $150,000 in some kind of promotion. This is no doubt a scam, one that The Eagle-Tribune warned its readers about some time ago. Perhaps this is a good time to warn your readers again about this type of scam, which is usually directed at elderly people since they are probably the most vulnerable to this type of a con game.