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June 19, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Estate sale disgrace

A very well attended estate sale took place in Methuen over the weekend. The behavior of some of the attendees would confirm that society is in a severe decline. Clothing was taken off hangers and dropped on the floor; drawers and closets were rifled; some things were broken, etc. It would be prudent to remember that this was once someone’s life, beloved home and cherished belongings.

Mow, please

To “No Mow” — It is important that everyone in a neighborhood maintains their property. While it may be your property, it directly affects the value of the properties around it. I don’t want to see your furniture, trash or overgrown or unkempt lawn when I look out my window. I would say to you, if you don’t want the responsibility then don’t buy a home with a yard.

Bring back cart

It would be so nice if the person who took a carrying cart on Sunday from in front of a house on Broadway in Haverhill would return it. The 70-plus owner was using it to carry potting soil, garden supplies, etc. to the front of her home to plant flowers. She ended up having to lug bags of recycling, etc. without the use of her cart — not an easy chore.

Same old Ed

Please do not be fooled by all the Markey Malarkey on TV. The fact that Mrs. Obama came to campaign for him proves he is part of the same old, same old machine that we are so disgusted and disappointed with. People complain constantly as we are forced to endure all of the unjust uses of the Social Security fund that the workers paid into all their lives. The politicians continue to support EBT cards, insurance and many other privileges for people who don’t contribute, have never worked, don’t intend to and just live off the spoils as our sacred fund is diminishing. At least the other candidate seems to grasp the issues and promises to try to change the giveaway trend. If you are really dissatisfied with the way things are now, get to the polls and vote on June 25. It is up to the people to let the government know we mean business.

Great job, Ben

I would like to give credit to the brilliant moves of Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherrington, the first one saving $60 million a year by unloading Josh Beckett. Adrian Gonzales and Carl Crawford. Also: the hiring of John Farrell. the deals for Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino, the re-signing of David Ortiz, then bringing in Pedro Martinez as special assistant. These people have great attitudes and are team players. Ben Cherrington, A+.

Time warp?

The First Amendment specifies freedom of speech. Could our forefathers foresee phones, emails, Facebook, Twitter? I’m sure assault weapons were not thought of when the Second Amendent gave us the right to bear arms. Seriously.

Blame O and Joe

If President Obama wants to take credit for the death of Osama bin Laden, then let us also hold him responsible, along with Vice President Biden, for the deaths of 28 special ops forces. In August, it will be two years since 28 special ops forces were slaughtered after carrying out their mission and then being outed by the vice president.