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June 24, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Ancient Ed

I believe Ed Markey is concerned about this election. He has called in the heavy-hitters: President Clinton, Mrs. Obama, President Obama, et al. He must be shaky. Please vote for Gomez, he hasn’t been contaminated like Markey. Give us a chance with new faces, new ideas. Markey is ancient history. Gomez for Senate. Clear out the political air.

Ed’s the man

To “Same Old Ed”: Get your facts straight! The U.S. House of Representatives has a Republican majority so blaming all the nation’s ills on Ed is convoluted to say the least. Ed Markey has been a strong advocate of education, gun control, Social Security and Medicare, but none of that matters as Republicans continue to vote against the interests of the middle class. As for Mr. Gomez, unfortunately, the Republican machine in Washington, led by Mitch McConnell, will drag him into their archaic, undying unwillingness to work for average Americans. The Republicans will be sure big businesses like Exxon and GE will continue to get their tax breaks while the middle class continues to be overburdened with taxes. A vote for Gomez is a vote to extend Washington gridlock and give perks to the wealthy. With a vote for Markey, at least there’s a chance of breaking that gridlock and getting some work done in Washington for the middle class.

Dem for Gabe

I don’t often agree with Eagle-Tribune endorsements but this Democrat is voting for Gabriel Gomez. Unfortunatel, I don’t think he’s got a prayer. This dirtiest of campaigns has senior citizens running scared and, guess what, it’s the senior citizens who vote in large numbers. I think we should take the guy at his word, vote him in for 17 months. If he doesn’t do what he says he’ll do (bring some bipartisanship to Congress), vote him out next time round. We desperately need change to the current gridlock.

Promote Ed?

Because Congress insists on voting Rep. or Dem. instead of American, we need to stop voting for a person because he or she has a D or an R after their name and vote based on their individual record and vote out the deadwood. We need to vote in new people and hold them accountable. Unfortunately, we cannot start with Congressman Markey because he is not seeking re-election. In fact, he is seeking a promotion. We are his boss. Does he deserve a promotion?

Fear tactics

You can usually tell the character of a person running for office by the tone of his ads. Gabriel Gomez’ ads are upbeat and positive, emphasizing his stellar record of military service, his Harvard MBA education, and his private sector accomplishments. Ed Markey’s ads say nothing about himself or what he did (or did not) accomplish in his 37 years in Congress. They are fear-mongering attack ads, and some are just plain absurd, such as the mailing I received telling me I shouldn’t vote for Gabriel Gomez because it accused him of being a Yankee fan. Yes, the conduct of the candidates has made the choice clear: Gabriel Gomez should be our next U.S. senator!