EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

June 27, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Be nice, NH

To those outspoken individuals who live in and love New Hampshire, your criticism of my state, Massachusetts, just bugs me. You should be thankful to Massachusetts. After all, most New Hampshire people earn their living here. So try to be nice to us , we are putting up with you.

Leaving Mass.

I do donate to charities. But I am tired of being forced to donate to the charity of Massachusetts. I work hard for my money and in my line of work see many who only rely on the state (my money). Good-by, Massachusetts. You’ll have one less person giving handouts!

Bad choice

Congratulations, Massachusetts. You have just put into the Senate a political hack who has spent 37 years in the House of Representatives doing nothing for the state. Ed Markey doesn’t even lived in Massachusetts. The reason he was elected: “My parents have always been Democrats, I am a Democrat and I always vote Democrat.” Those of us in the Merrimack Valley used our brains and voted for the candidate that we thought would best represent us. Unfortunately the rest of the state isn’t as smart.

Rising water

I love it. Brian Pena from the Lawrence Water Department says there’s no need to worry about an increase in water rates, because the new meters are 4 to 8 percent more accurate. I quote: “The meters are 4 to 8 percent more accurate as compared to a 40-year-old meter, and thus an increase in revenue will follow the replacement program, eliminating any potential need to increase rates.” So who says we aren’t using as much water as we were being charged for? We have some of the highest rates. The city already has this figured out in their favor! Do they think we just fell off the turnip truck? What a joke.

Ask Snowden

Maybe the NSA could find out who Madam Barron’s clients are. They couldn’t find the Boston Bombers, but maybe they’ll try harder now that Ed Snowden’s breathing down their neck.

Fat chance

Now that President Obama has made obesity an illness does that mean all the civil servants will lose their jobs and have to go out on workman’s comp? Those that are obese, I mean.

O for obese

My boss can see I’m no Twiggy so if I take a long weekend I can tell him it’s none of his business,Obama says I’m obese.

Iceberg ahead!

Our president, while compromising our own military and security, has just given $1.3 billion to the Syrian rebels, also known as the Muslim Brotherhood. He is giving money to the very people who are trying to kill us. Those of us who are watching are in despair can see where we are headed. Our country is like the Titanic. We are all on the ship, and the politicians are all in the lifeboats with everything, including all of the money and riches they need to survive and flourish.

Lock them up?

With all this outcry of aborting the fetus and killing babies if we really believe this than why aren’t the mother and the doctor held accountable and incarcerated? If not, isn’t this the same as a license to kill?