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October 6, 2012

Sound Off


I do not understand what liberals expected. They got Obama without a teleprompter, in a one-on-one format where the media could not rush to his rescue by controlling the content of the debate. They saw exactly what conservatives have seen for five years.

Didn’t like it

The debate was the first time in four years Obama has been asked tough questions and held accountable for his own record — and he didn’t like it very much.

Turn signals

In 1938, the first turn signal was patented. Oh what a marvelous patent this was. No longer need we fret over slamming headlong into the vehicle in front of us as it went from 20 to rounding a corner in but a few seconds. The world was changed. A much better place it became. As cars got faster and people grew less cautious of the vehicle, these became crucial devices in order to protect all of our safety. People were considerate. Long since have these days gone by. Why has this become such a difficult thing for people to do? Why is moving your finger one whole inch in order to avoid certain death such an impossibility?


News flash: The speed limit on I-93 is 65 mph. It’s clowns like you speeding and changing lanes who cause the crashes that make us all late for work. Wake up!


I’m tired of hearing Elizabeth Warren not owning up to the fact that she lied. She claims that kids don’t ask parents for documents. Hello, you are not a child anymore. Either prove your heritage or stop saying you are part Native American. Parents tell kids all sorts of non-truths, like Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny. Do you still believe in those, Professor?


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