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October 6, 2012

Sound Off


The good news is that the Obama presidential library won’t cost much because there won’t be much to put in it. Obama will have shredded all the documents before he leaves office, in order to hide his crimes.

Keep right

To the caller “Buddy responds”: As you know both Massachusetts and New Hampshire have a law which says stay to the right except to pass. No one wants you to break the law; just abide by the law.

Unemployment rate

Is it not amazing that the media picks up so fast on the drop in the unemployment rate? The media never seems to state the reason for the betterment in anything they deem beneficial to Obama. The rate has changed due to the early upswing in hiring for the Christmas holiday season. The stores are getting an early start to their displays and hiring practices. Let the public in on all of the aspects — not only what they hope will fool the public.

Need facts

With all these political ads by all those running for office, not once have I seen anyone lay out an agenda of actual logical ideas to fix this economy. Enough of putting each other down. Give the voters facts and plans so we know what you will do if we vote for you.

Not stupid

“Stand with me, work with me. Let’s finish what we started.” This is what I saw in a campaign ad for Obama. How can he honestly say let’s finish what we started when he hasn’t started anything yet. Does he honestly think he can talk his way into another four years? Sorry, Mr President, but I’m not that stupid.

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