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October 8, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — New manager

So, how about Jason Varitek for the new and improved manager of the Boston Red Sox? He sure knows the game, the players, the town and the fans.

Stop blaming

Wake up voters. Let’s stop blaming the previous administration for Obama’s failures. He is not a leader. Another four years with him as president and this country will suffer irreversible financial collapse. It will be lights out for America. Wake up voters. Do the right thing.

Report them

The United States is in poor shape and getting worse. The following factors, I believe, contribute to this deterioration: corruption in all levels of government, fraud, bribery, embezzlement, illegal immigration, arson, poverty, selling and using drugs and the consumption of too much alcohol may lead to killings, robberies, rape, prostitution, etc. All of the above are creating havoc in our country. Each of us must do our part to get the country back on the right track, even if it means reporting to the proper authorities neighbors, friends, public officials or charities participating in illegal activities or unlawful acts.


Romney has a lot of gall complaining about the 47 percent getting assistance and not paying taxes when he was one of the first to send jobs off-shore years ago. He also wants to stop Obamacare when he was one of the ones who instituted it in this state years ago. Now I can’t afford medical care. Back then, he said he wanted to do for the country what he did for Massachusetts. I guess he meant that he wanted to ruin the country, too.

Nice gig

I think I’ll look for a job at Lawrence City Hall or maybe with the DPW or the highway department. It doesn’t matter. At $270,000 a year, I could do very, very well. I would be able to retire early, have a decent car, pay my mortgage, feed my children, and maybe buy a few outfits so that I could go out partying with the rest of the Lawrence group. Here we are paying people $270,000 a year not to work. What a wonderful city that is. I’m going down there tomorrow to fill out an application.

Stop it

As a Massachusetts taxpayer, I am appalled at all of the corruption in Lawrence. We deserve a better representation of our tax money being used to subsidize this city. Why doesn’t Gov. Deval Patrick or the attorney general put a stop to this? We deserve and need more representation of a two-party system.

Sick leave

I am calling in reference to the editorial, “Time to retire sick leave buyouts.” Yes, I agree with The Eagle-Tribune that there is abuse of sick time with public employees doing these buyouts. I am a state employee and I get 15 sick days a year and there’s no such thing in my agency as buyback for my sick time. When I retire, I will only get paid for 20 percent of my sick time, no matter how many hours I have. There is a lot more abuse on Wall Street with all of these payouts of bonuses to these CEOs than there is in the public sector with sick time buyouts when you retire. Both the public and private sectors need to stop the abuse altogether.