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November 2, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Obamacare

This is in regards to the person who called Sound Off about Obamacare: You’re absolutely 100 percent right. My doctor just retired at the end of August. Now I have to try to find a new one. My doctor told me it was directly because of Obama-care and the compensation that he would be getting. He has decided that he no longer wants to have a private practice, so he’s going into research medicine.


I may be Jewish, but I know that Jesus’ core teaching was that you have to care for the poor and oppressed. I think that so many people seem to forget this, yet claim to be religious. A lot of the conservative Republicans are very religious, but what happened to Jesus’ teachings? What happened to the poor and oppressed? Shame on you. You forgot.

Brown’s vote

On June 5, Scott Brown voted against equal pay for women. The name of the bill was the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Postal Service

Now we learn that the United States Postal Service paid cyclist Lance Armstrong millions in bonuses when he was on their cycling team. I guess rapidly deteriorating service and overblown benefits weren’t enough to help the post office to go broke.

Justice for sale

It has now been a year since the MF Global bankruptcy. The ex-governor, ex-senator and ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs Jon Corzine is still not in jail for stealing a billion and a half of customers money. Is justice for sale in America? You bet.


Rep. Jim Lyons has been right out front on the problems in Lawrence — since Election Day neared. He has never been seen in Methuen despite the fact that he represents our 7th Precinct. He also was totally absent from Boxford until the election neared. Why was Lyons totally unengaged when Lawrence was having its fire safety problems and those disturbances, small riots, in its nightclub district earlier in his term? Didn’t this impact public safety in the entire region and within his constituency?


I don’t have “money just hanging around to invest”, but I try to save a little for my family’s future. Banks have low interest returns on your money and investing is not for just people with “money just hanging around.” It is for all of us. Folks who don’t try to save a little instead of having that pricey morning coffee shouldn’t be insulted by folks who save as much as they can, maybe just embarrassed. Giving a reduced tax rate in return for taking a chance that you will get a reasonable return and not a loss from investing is the only way you will get regular people like me to let companies use my money to hire employees and get the economy going again.


I agree with the person who questioned the changing Halloween in Methuen to Saturday. So weekend plans of families with and without children of trick or treat age have to be changed to ensure that their property is safe or their children get to go out trick or treating? For what reason? Sounds like the same old, same old for our town leaders.