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November 3, 2012

Letters to the editor


Jon says that his campaign should be viewed as a dress rehearsal for the kind of representative he will make. I’ve seen firsthand the hours he puts in, and the people he inspires to volunteer, many of whom wouldn’t otherwise be involved in politics. He has genuine concern for people, and a burning desire to fix our country. Jon Golnik is a candidate I’d be proud to vote for on Nov. 6.

Tom Bowling


Which Romney do you support?

To the editor:

In many online forums, I have run into many who say that they are voting for Romney. But I have to ask: which Mitt Romney are you voting for? The one who was pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro DREAM Act, pro-gun legislation on automatic weapons, pro-Romneycare as the basis of our nation’s health program. The one that was for a role in Libya until we went into Libya. The one that, behind closed doors said that “he could never get 47 percent of the people to take responsibility for their own lives” when he thought no one was listening. Or the one that now runs from that comment in front of the camera? Look it up, find his speeches, find the videos and see for yourself.

Soon we will elect a president. And I wonder how honest people can’t see the destruction that the right has imposed on our processes, the uniformity of resistance to basic policies they, as a party, have supported for years. From mandates to stimulus bills, all are founded in GOP policy.

In all of my debates with the right, I have yet to hear answers to the following questions: Why is it that the right complains about welfare growth but then rejects each and every jobs bill to get these people back to work? And why is the “welfare state” only a problem under a Democratic president?

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