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November 4, 2012

Sound Off

Nothing on

I guess sports take precedence over TV. I was going to sit down and watch a little bit. Seven channels have football, one has soccer, then one has nothing and the other has paid programming. What a great thing television is.

Class issue

I’m so sick and tired of hearing about the middle class. And then it’s the high class. Does that mean that anyone who makes under $50,000 a year is low class? Why don’t you say what it is: middle income, high income and low income. We’re not low-class people.


Just some food for thought on the topic of football and the hazards: Helmets have come a long way over the years, but maybe we’ve gone too far. Maybe if we went back to, maybe not quite a leather helmet like in the old days, then kids, people, adults would be less apt to hit head to head, if they had less on their heads. Maybe something should be considered.

Power out

How is it possible that Hurricane Sandy hit on Monday afternoon, but we lost power on Sunday, the day before? We were still without power today, Friday. The utility company had plenty of time to prepare before the storm, but they had no time to fix a fuse to turn our lights on beforehand. Friday they called and asked if we had any power yet. Are they kidding me? After five days of us calling day in and day out they call us five days later? Really? We live in a very sad state. I hope everyone else had better luck than we did. Thank you very much, National Grid.

Nothing done

National Grid’s report that all power will be restored by midnight last Thursday was a false claim to make them look as if they have responded swiftly to the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. Magnolia Avenue was still partially shut down with caution tape stretched and wires strewn across the street. There is a telephone pole in my neighbor’s yard. There are at least six families affected, many of them with small children. National Grid had been out to survey the damage four or five times, but no work has been done. Comcast is ready to fix cable and Internet, but cannot until the pole is restored.

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