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November 7, 2012

Letter: Obama hands out gifts to further his liberal agenda

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

I would like to make a very serious observation about Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act.

Why is it you suppose that within that bill President Obama included “free birth control” for women who get health insurance through their employers? I find this one item to be, well, rather ridiculous. Birth control costs all of $10 to $30 per month with a co-pay. Considering the cost of diapers and day-care, that’s quite a bargain. So why is he forcing insurance companies to give it to working women free?

I would think that if you are working, you could surely budget $10 or $30 per month for this item so that you can have uninhibited recreation without the worry of a pesky child. This portion of Obamacare is very illogical to me. Think about this please, working woman probably spend more than that on their morning coffee. If they purchase a large caramel latte each day, my guess is that they spend at least $75 to $100 per month just on coffee on their way to the office, but they can’t pay their fair share for birth control. Really?

There is no such thing as a free ride or free item — someone else is forced to pay the bill. What Obama has strategically done is this: He is pandering to women by making free birth control an issue. So now, if anyone is versed in at least Economics 101, they will understand this. But my guess is most of your readers won’t. Free birth control will cause the co-pay to increase on all other drugs. Free birth control will have a trickle-down effect in other areas of women’s health issues as well because it is well known fact that long-term use of estrogen can have adverse effects and is known to cause breast cancer.

It’s a sad state of affairs in the nation when this is done as now you have created yet another portion of society that has a sense of entitlement — that is, for those of you who don’t understand, getting something from their government for nothing. This move, was a political one by Obama. The real losers are women as he bribed them with an item for free and they took the bait, and quite honestly, that’s sad. Why didn’t Obama take care of those with a serious illness? Why didn’t he take care of the working people who have high co-pays for drugs that treat their cancer, MS, cystic fibrosis, lupus or heart disease? Why free birth control for the working woman? The answer is simple, the women’s vote is a much larger voting block than those with a serious illness.

Obama only cares about his liberal agenda and pandering on a micro level to those to whom he can give gifts. Only the money isn’t coming out of his pocket, it’s coming out of those who work for a living. That said, I must get off this computer and go to work as there are lots of freeloaders depending on that portion of my paycheck that will be withheld from me come Friday.

Darlene Murray