EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

November 7, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Impressive

I would like to invite people to take a walk on the Spicket River Walkway. It starts on Lawrence Street and goes all the way to Jackson Street. It is absolutely beautiful. It’s gorgeous. The trail is maybe 15 minutes. See the good things in Lawrence; see how beautiful it looks. It’s a nice walk to take during the day. They just completed it. There are benches and flowers. I wish the people who always talk badly about our city would take a walk and see the good things in our city. You will be very impressed.

Many thanks

Many thanks to the staff at Lawrence General Cardiac Rehab. You helped me realize that there is life after heart attacks and I can do more than I thought. The program is great and the staff is even better. Keep it up. Thank you very much.

Libya attack

As a five-year veteran serving in the Pacific Islands for many months, it bothers me when I see and hear the president and Hillary Clinton lie about the slaughter in Libya of four American heroes by not sending help which was available. This I call cowardly.

Political ads

As a reasonably well-educated voter who listened to all of the political ads, I arrived at the conclusion that none of them should have been elected.

Cut funds

The person who was arrested for drugs and counterfeit bills in the drug bust in Lawrence should have his SSI and all other government money that he’s receiving terminated. Someone who has been arrested for drugs should not be receiving money from the state.

Pricey oil

I just bought a quart of oil to change the oil in my snow blower. The quart of oil cost me more than a gallon of gas. I can see why the president said we’re importing less and less oil from overseas every year. One, Americans can’t afford it because it’s so expensive and two, they keep importing less and less because unless the cost comes down, we won’t be changing any oil.

His job

Please, no extra praise for President Obama promising to help the state that has been hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy. It is his duty, as president of the United States, to do so. Of course, that’s if there’s any money left in the treasury, since all he’s been doing is buying off votes for his re-election.

No jobs

The Obama administration has brought in all of these immigrants in his four years. College graduates can’t get jobs. There are no jobs available for U.S. citizens. What has Congress been doing? Did Congress approve of this?

Liberal views

To the people who have moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire: Could you please move back to Massachusetts and take your liberal views with you. They’re ruining the state of New Hampshire.


In regards to the city of Methuen’s IT Department: You should have to work for the city and work with these people who don’t know what they’re doing. It would be a blessing to have a different company come in to set up our programs and our computers with people who know what they’re doing. Realistically, we should privatize.