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November 10, 2012

Column: Resistance is the answer to Democrats’ statist agenda

Matthew May
The Eagle-Tribune

---- — High marks to the authoritarian statists for their victory this past Tuesday.

Whatever else one may say about the Democratic Party, it is a cunning operation. Its representatives, apologists, and courtiers managed to identify and convince just over half of the electorate that top-down government intervention in nearly aspect of economic and personal life is forward progress, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. That electorate has embraced that against which our forefathers rebelled.

Perhaps nothing better encapsulates our future of federal government-managed life as the New York City office of the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). Despite not being able to solve the basic problems that are afflicting our countrymen in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a sign last week hung on its door reading “Closed for the Weather.” This is the type of institution to which we wish to transfer power and authority? Can you imagine a sign on the door of the barracks at Valley Forge reading “Closed for the Weather”? What have we become? We have become lazy, dependent, and meek. Well, some of us have.

If those cheering the election of the likes of Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren as if the Patriots had won another Super Bowl believe that constitutional conservatives will go meekly into the night in the face of such sloth and powermongering, they have another thing coming.

The statist agenda relies and depends upon the compliance of the citizenry and state and local governments. Governors and legislators must protect themselves from the encroachment of the federal government as the 10th Amendment permits them to do. The individual states must, for example, resist the creation of exchanges to implement the all-encompassing and devastating health care legislation rammed down the country’s throat by Obama and a Congress that was booted out in 2010. Otherwise, as Justice Anthony Kennedy correctly warned in June, the fundamental relationship between the citizen and the government will become inalterably changed – and not for the good. Dictated regulations and judge-made law should not be respected. Do not comply.

Constitutional conservatives must be bold. Candidates for office – any office, anywhere – must be clear, concise, and unafraid when drawing the differences between statism and liberty. They must demonstrate that while that the constitutional constraints on government may be ignored, plundered, and waived by and for the privileged, the laws of economics may not. The present economic model perpetrated by the Obama administration and endorsed by 50 percent plus one of the electorate is not sustainable. A reckoning is in the offing unless fiscal sanity is the order of the day. If a candidate for any political office is not arguing for smaller government, fewer government agencies comprised of overpaid bureaucrats doling out taxpayer-funded “entitlements,” that candidate is unserious.

Resistance and adherence to first principles may or may not work in this atmosphere in which we find ourselves. There may be more people in this country who really do not mind or even welcome the abrogation of our liberty than those of us who object. We may have gone beyond the point of no return to social democracy. But those of who understand what has been lost and what is coming will be damned if we take this lying down. Our forefathers sacrificed too much blood and too much treasure for us to stand idly by while authoritarian statists attempt to turn us into serfs while they live as kings and queens. It will be difficult and the fight will be long. But we will resist and we will fight until the world falls in.

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