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February 26, 2013

Letter: Consider Newton warrant articles carefully

To the editor:

Please read the Newton warrant articles in full. At the bottom of each article, there will be a comment on whether or not there is any tax impact. I would encourage you to vote for those with no tax impact since this will provide services to the town, without increasing our taxes. That’s a no-brainer.

In addition to those, there are a few that I want to comment on. Article 12 is for the highway foreman position and also Article 19 for the Gale Library director position. Our town desperately needs both of these positions to be full time.

Our road foreman should be a full-time position in order give the appropriate time for working on our roads, culverts and basic infrastructure. This position is not for the road agent, (who by the way, is only authorized two hours a week for doing the payroll), but instead, it is for our actual “out-in-the-field” road foreman. We only have two road on our road crew. Please support of this article which is only making one of them a full-time position. The tax impact for supporting this article is 2 cents per $1,000.

Article 19 is also an important article. Our current director at the library works 39 hours a week, because the residents have not voted to make this full-time. In a fragile economy, when people are using the library more and more for books and free Kindle service, children’s programs and computer usage, we need our director to be full time. The tax impact for this article is only 2 cents per $1,000. I encourage you to consider this as an asset for our community.

The last one is Article 22, for a new Fire Department tank truck. This article will replace an old tanker with a new one, with larger capacity of water, and improved equipment, allowing our Fire Department to respond to a fire with more water and in a dependable vehicle. The tax impact on this will be 4 cents per $1,000. Please vote in favor of this article.

Thank you for considering my requests.

Bill McCarthy


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