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February 28, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Welfare state

I just read that Massachusetts ranked fourth in the nation with the most people on welfare. The first three were California, Mississippi and Maine. So now, it should be clear why Deval Patrick wants to increase taxes for the working middle class. Someone has to pay for those welfare recipients and what better way than to raise your taxes. Instead of Deval Patrick trying to lower that number by creating more jobs and investigating and stopping the massive amount of welfare, EBT and Medicaid fraud that has cost the taxpayers over $50 million just this year, the simple thing to do is increase taxes. You see, the liberal Democrat is extremely generous with your money. Deval’s mentor, Obama, taught him well. See that’s what happens when you have more uniformed voters than informed.

Budget cuts

Obama is out there saying it is Congress’ fault about the pending cuts from sequestration. But it was his idea in the first place. Instead of making cuts that will cause the most pain to the public, how about having a hiring freeze, stop sending FDA employees to sensitivity training, and cut back on using Air Force One for vacation trips.

Old ideas

Obama needs to grow the government, he told Joe the Plumber that he wanted to redistribute wealth. This idea is nothing new and has been around since the 1930s. This has been the tenet of socialism and communism. Obama is just following an economic policy his father espoused, which is taxation at 100% and the government deciding how much you get back.


In the 1950s, coyotes first started coming into Massachusetts from New York via the Quabbin Reservoir. They were said to mate with dogs. The results were called coydogs.

School tours

I was excited to read about Salem giving tours of its elementary schools, until I read the hours. How convenient for them to schedule the tours when all those who will be paying for the renovations are working. I think I’ll vote against the renovations just to spite them.

Marijuana law

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health says they cannot track who has medical marijuana because the system is not up and running yet. Are they so stupid that they cannot take any computer, create a database containing whatever information is necessary and start entering the information for each person who has been given the go ahead to possess the plants. This state is a joke.

Wrong number

During the 2008 Democratic primary campaign, Hillary Clinton had a political ad with a ringing phone. The announcer says it’s 3 a.m. and the phone is ringing in the White House; who do you want answering the phone?Well if you are the U.S. ambassador calling from Benghazi pleading for help, Hillary or Obama couldn’t be bothered.

Oscar picks

Greg Vellante was off on his Oscar predictions almost as badly as Hector Longo was on his Patriots forecasts. They are both fun to read but their crystal balls could use a good tune-up.

City website

Maybe Methuen city councilors should reconsider their decision not to privatize the city’s IT Department. It’s broke so it’s time to fix it. I tried accessing the city’s official website several times Tuesday and could not make the connection.