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March 5, 2013

Sound Off

Right calls

Let’s see: We’ll scare the elderly, threaten union employee layoffs, (school teachers, fire, police, air traffic controllers), the country’s defense contractors, and cancel Fourth of July parades and fireworks. That does it. Wake up, America! How about we suggest the following: The president, his staff, all U.S. senators, congressmen and governors and all their immediate employees and cronies get no paychecks until you come up with some reasonable solutions. It’s really not that hard. You just need to be a strong leader and make the right calls.


What is going on in this country? We now have a president and administration that threatens people who don’t agree with them. I can’t believe this is going on. Bob Woodward, famed Watergate journalist, and Lanny Davis, an ex-Clinton aide, both staunch Obama supporters, came forward recently claiming they were threatened by the Obama White House for reporting the truth and making Obama look bad. I guess Obama doesn’t realize we have freedom of the press and freedom of speech. That’s something dictators do, not the president of the United States. Obama has stooped to a new low. This is outrageous and should not be tolerated.

Cut entitlements

Obama put in place sequestration, then complained about how devastating it will be. Maybe the Democrats should have moved sooner on a budget. It’s only been five years. But Obama uses the famous blame game he is so good at. It’s never his fault. Soon he will be on “The View” to say the sky is falling. Cut entitlements — EBT, welfare, free phones, Section 8 housing, unemployment for drug addicts and alcoholics to name a few.


I wish police Chief Joe Solomon would do a Tom Brady and take one for our team — the Methuen residents.

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