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December 21, 2012

Letter: We need 'people control,' not gun control

To the editor:

In response to Charles Santagati’s letter on Tuesday (”A high-tech solution to gun control”):

I have worked in the “high-tech” electronics industry for over 38 years. I am a life member of one of our local gun clubs, with 37 years of membership. I am also privileged to be an NRA certified instructor who has taught gun safety for over 30 years.

I work with facts and reality in my life. This “Smart Gun” or “PTID” system would be an item designed for the “Star Trek” series. I carry a gun — legally and fully trained —to hunt and to protect myself, my family and anyone who might be subjected to a horror like the Connecticut shootings.

Do I “wish” to do this? The answer is that I am prepared and trained for it, if the need arises. Your thought of implementing a “scope” that distinguishes between a human and another target, is unrealistic, since my target might actually be a human animal attacking a 5-year-old child.

Please do not let emotion influence common sense during these sensitive times. No one can justify the fact that a deranged individual has killed over 25 people.

The answer needs to be “people control.” Do not blame the object of implementation, as it could have been any other weapon or object available. Let’s get back to basic people control and implement a way of holding people responsible for their actions, instead of blaming an object.

I am required to secure my weapons when I am not in direct control, and abide by the law. Do we have the same law in all our states? Apparently not in Connecticut.

This is people control. Let’s enforce common sense laws across the country. Taking a specific type of gun from licensed, trained and responsible individuals will not solve any problems.

Kevin Labrecque


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