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December 21, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Poison Laplante

Shame on Mark Laplante for continuously and increasingly poisoning the atmosphere at City Council meetings. Tonight, instead of welcoming a potential new city attorney, his first words to this applicant were a bitter harangue against the mayor. It’s no wonder folks don’t want to apply for jobs or fill city boards. I am glad the council president put an end to Laplante’s megalomaniacal rant and gaveled him “out of order.”

Give up guns

They want to make better control of guns out there and how do you do that with millions of guns all over this country? The one way you might control it — I say “might” — is to outlaw guns and give everyone 30 days to turn them in or face a light sentence and heavy fine. I really don’t think this could happen because guns are big business and you don’t go against big business. More guns are made just while you read this.

Humane hunters

To all you hunting bashers out there: Please take the time to read about the balance of nature. If hunting were banned the deer would multiply greatly and there would be more deer killed by cars. Also, they would soon overeat their food supply and thousands would starve to death. A hunter tries to make a quick, humane kill. Or would you prefer them to slowly starve to death?

Shame on you

What is wrong with all the people and some local schools that didn’t bother to lower their flags to half staff? Where is your compassion for all the children and adults that were slain last week in Connecticut? Shame on all of you, especially those schools that are grammar schools with small children. You know who you are!

Totally agree

This is just a follow-up to a Sound Off caller who wrote in under the title ‘Don’t blame guns’ about having children and owning guns and how when the Twin Towers were hit in NYC, we didn’t call for a ban on planes. Thank you for this piece; it was perfectly written. It’s not the “device” that kills people, it’s the sick, demented individuals who kill. If you take away the guns, they’ll simply find another way to kill. What happened is very tragic, but let’s look at the real cause.

The gun did it

We can peel off all the layers of collateral causes of the Newtown disaster, the Asperger’s problem of the shooter, the irresponsible storing of weapons by his mother, the broken family, unarmed teachers, inadequate state gun control laws, but in the final analysis, the instrument of death was a Bushmaster AR-15.

Incompetent Methuen

Once again Methuen is the village idiot. They agree to raise the ambulance rates and can’t quite figure out how to send the correct bill for their services. Now they think they can send out some retroactive bills to make up for their incompetence. Good luck with that. And we wonder why our taxes go up every year.