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January 3, 2013

Sound Off



The city of Methuen is at it again. First they were chasing around ice cream trucks. Now they are arresting sledders.

Drug dealers

So the Methuen police are willing to arrest injured sledders because, well, because they can catch them as they writhe in pain on the ground. But the rest of the year they can’t drive their cruisers to the top of the hill frequently enough to keep the drug dealers out? I spend a lot of time in that park and do what I can to keep it clean. But it’s no mystery what those tiny little zip-lock bags were used for before getting tossed onto the lawn. If sledders can’t steer around a tree, let them deal with it. But the police would come in handy with the dealers.


Sandown and Hampstead area police and selectmen need to brush up on New Hampshire fireworks laws. “Permissible fireworks” are very limited and don’t even include bottle rockets. Why then did we have to listen to many hours of fireworks from many locations on New Year’s Eve? Some of them sounded like bombs.

Schools closed

So they’re going to lengthen the school day in Lawrence Public Schools in hopes of improving performance. Yet the schools are closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. Why? Every other school district in the Merrimack Valley is open.

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