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January 4, 2013

Sound Off


I’ve had it with the continued incompetence of the mayor and city councilors in the city of Methuen. Their mistakes continue to cost the taxpayers dearly. Now they can’t figure out how to fix the floor in the fire station. Too bad things will never change. When it comes time to vote, only 10 percent of the voters turnout — 90 percent of those voters are public union members and their relatives. They vote in the candidates that will continue to give them the most goodies. The competency of the candidate is never an issue. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

No cuts

Can someone give just one concrete example of a proposal by the president and the Democrats to actually reduce spending to eliminate the $1.2 trillion shortfall in the budget? Come on just one! That’s what I thought — they haven’t made any!

Deer drive

Andover residents who use the trails in the Rafton Reservation, Bald Hill, Wood Hill, Fish Brook, High Plain Road, Chandler Road areas be careful. These were the areas where a deer drive was held and hunters were shooting at spooked deer. Many arrows were not recovered and could result in injury to pets.

Debt crisis

So Congress has avoided for the time the fiscal cliff and the Democrats supported the legislation by nearly 100 percent in both houses. But notice they only voted for tax increases — not one damn dime of spending cuts! Move over Greece, we’re going to be right next to you.

Mayor’s failure

What does it take to terminate a public employee who not only fails to perform his duties but does so repeatedly with impunity? Haverhill’s mayor has refused to fire a police officer who failed to arrest two drivers on two separate occasions for suspicion of drunken driving — both incidents involving other police officers. By not firing this officer, the mayor has just put the rest of the Police Department’s collective safety on the line and given the public good reason not to respect those who serve. This reinforces the notion that it’s them against us. I will apologize to all the honest Haverhill police officers on behalf of the mayor because he doesn’t seem to have what it takes to do it himself.

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