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January 4, 2013

Sound Off


Extra school

Has everybody been watching the Newtown kids going back to school in a neighboring town? My question is: How come that neighboring town has a “spare school” they can offer? If it’s good enough for the Newtown kids to use, why isn’t it good enough for their kids to use? Was it just sitting there sinking into the dirt? Was there a new school built that the taxpayers paid for? Are we, once again, watching government gone wild with spending and the public be damned?


It is amazing how many businessmen cheat women customers. Shame on you!

Debt limit

To the caller “Short memory”: It is you that has the short memory since Reagan raised the debt limit 17 times; Bush, eight times; Clinton, four times; George W. Bush, seven times; and Obama, three times. Spread the truth, not lies.

Let’s vote

I see the Methuen City Council is set to vote on the privatization of the IT Department to help save taxpayers money. We all know how that’s going to go. There are some councilors who are more interested in protecting the people that voted them in — the public union employees. Saving the taxpayers money is never an issue with them. You know who you are — and so do we. Let’s vote!

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