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January 16, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Welfare fraud

The newspapers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire should start publishing the names and last known addresses of all those people who are known to be committing welfare fraud. We are all sick of it! After all, it is public information. Welfare fraud is a crime and should be newsworthy. Who has legally owned firearms is not.

Not fooled

I see Methuen Mayor Zanni’s proposal to privatize the IT Department was rejected by the City Council. It was a nice dog and pony show with a half-hearted effort to make it look like somebody was trying to be fiscally responsible. Zanni knew it wasn’t going to pass. He’s really in cahoots with all the other union puppet councilors. He gave millions to the unions already. He’s not fooling anybody.


Wow. It’s sad that the city of Methuen can’t shovel the sidewalks. It’s scary at night walking the streets. At least shovel Oakland Avenue where the disabled live. Come on, Zanni. Hire people who will work.

Capital flight

They say in age there is wisdom; I have plenty of both. It amazes me how many young people write in blaming our troubles on everyone but the right ones. The Democrats say it’s Bush’s fault. The Republicans say it is Obama’s. Others say we pay too much taxes. The other side of the aisle says the 1-percenters are not paying enough. What started this mess is when the steel mills closed. Then slowly but surely big business started moving out of the country to get cheap labor. Even after they moved they kept going from one country to another — to whichever was the cheapest. How did they let this happen? Did they think they could leave for cheap labor and send their products back for high prices to a country that has lost jobs, and expect this problem to go away? Now we are faced with reality.


Just because something is legal, or someone is within the rights of the law doesn’t mean they’re automatically right. Yes, dog owners are responsible for their pets, and it’s up to them to control them. But if you ask me, this guy could have handled it a lot differently, without losing his rabbits, or killing someone’s beloved pet. This sounds like the actions of an overzealous “hero” using his AR-15 assault rifle to kill something, when simply running outside and chasing the dog off, or calling the owners would have sufficed.

Promise broken

I just opened my paycheck and got a 2 percent pay cut in the middle of a recession! Thank you, President Obama! You assured me that I would not see a tax increase! What a nice surprise! Happy New Year!

Blame parents

How can you really blame the bus driver for the child left on the bus? One of the parents or a responsible adult should have been waiting for the 2-year-old in the first place. The driver cannot leave a 2-year-old to fend for itself. Responsibility starts with the parents. Put the blame where it lies — on the parents.

My taxes

Who cares about history! All I know is the president said during his campaign that “my taxes would not go up” if he was re-elected. So what happened? I don’t care about the rich’s taxes or the poor’s taxes — I care about mine! So who do we blame now or does it really matter? Someone lied to us, so explain that part of history! The rest really doesn’t matter.