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January 17, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Gun business

The headline said Obama was unsure Congress would pass gun limits. Of course he was unsure; guns are big business and the Republicans will never, ever vote against big business. They favor these businesses so much it’s too bad they didn’t keep them in this country so they didn’t move out to find cheap labor.

Debt ceiling

In 2006, then Senator Obama was President Bush’s biggest critic when he wanted to raise the debt ceiling to $6 trillion. Now President Obama is criticizing House Republicans for not raising the debt ceiling beyond $16 trillion. Come on you Republicans. How else can he afford to spend $5 million to vacation in Hawaii and spend upwards of $170 million on his inauguration bash?

Life of luxury

In 2008, the budget for the White House including all the 29 plus accounts for the executive branch was over $1.5 billion. I have a suggestion Mr. President. Instead of asking us to cut our spending, tighten our belts, and increasing our medical costs, why don’t you start with how much it costs to have you living the life of luxury. I can only guess at how much that number has ratcheted up in four years.

Scare tactics

Once again, President Obama is using half truths, scare tactics, and finger-pointing to promote his agenda. If I may paraphrase from his news conference, if the debt ceiling isn’t raised it will be the Republicans who are at fault and the country will not be able to pay it’s bills leading to a government shutdown. Firstly, as far as I know, revenues are collected by the U.S. Treasury every week via payroll taxes, which include a federal income tax, a Social Security tax (FICA), and a Medicare tax. There will be money to pay the bills. What there won’t be is money to pay for bills that got us into this $16 trillion problem in the first place.

Sticky fingers

I think our Gov. Patrick has been spending too much time with his buddy down in Washington, D.C.. You know, the one who thinks we are his subjects and therefore, harvestable! Neither one of you gets it, do you? What would it take to make you understand that between the high gas prices, the new taxes on our paychecks, the inflation on food, clothes, and even haircuts, and the coming looting of our pockets for Obamacare we are tapped out? What would it take to make you see that we’re cleaned out? Keep your sticky fingers out of our pockets!

Math skills

So, we went to a local department store and the bill came to $17.79. The cashier hit an incorrect button and stopped short. With a frightened look she turned to the clerk next to her and said she couldn’t do math. We replied: “You don’t have to do the math, just count.” She could not so we told her to give us one penny, two dimes and two $1 bills, counting as we did it. Sadly technology has taken away the need to think and process tasks on our own.