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January 17, 2013

Sound Off


Sticky fingers

I think our Gov. Patrick has been spending too much time with his buddy down in Washington, D.C.. You know, the one who thinks we are his subjects and therefore, harvestable! Neither one of you gets it, do you? What would it take to make you understand that between the high gas prices, the new taxes on our paychecks, the inflation on food, clothes, and even haircuts, and the coming looting of our pockets for Obamacare we are tapped out? What would it take to make you see that we’re cleaned out? Keep your sticky fingers out of our pockets!

Math skills

So, we went to a local department store and the bill came to $17.79. The cashier hit an incorrect button and stopped short. With a frightened look she turned to the clerk next to her and said she couldn’t do math. We replied: “You don’t have to do the math, just count.” She could not so we told her to give us one penny, two dimes and two $1 bills, counting as we did it. Sadly technology has taken away the need to think and process tasks on our own.

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