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January 23, 2013

Sound Off

Brady’s record

Brady is a future Hall of Fame member no doubt. His teams have won three Super Bowls and he has already beaten one of Joe Montana’s records. But what is all this talk of comparing him with Montana? He is not in the same class. Joe won four Super Bowls and was picked the MVP in three of them. Brady’s team won a divisional title and three Super Bowls. And although it is true he brought them to the brink, every one of these games was won by the field goal kicker. If the kicker had just missed one of those kicks Brady would just be another good quarterback. And to think after those kicks, they let the kicker go. What a shame.

Stooge nation

The Ravens may have said “nevermore” to the Patriots’ season. But there is always a silver lining. Now, The Three Stooges will resume their regular time slot on Sunday morning television! Forever more, Stooges, forever more.

Pats’ Kool Aid

Bill Burt’s prediction: 41-20 Patriots. Really? Bills comment: the Ravens don’t have the guns to do it, Really? When are you going to stop drinking the Patriots’ Kool Aid and realize the Patriots are a team without an attitude? They won’t win another Super Bowl until they get one.

Easy road

I can’t believe Bill Burt’s comment in the front-page story stating that the Patriots have had some bad breaks in recent weeks. This is a good team that plays six games a year against the lousy Jets, Dolphins and Bills, which allows them to rack up a bunch of wins in the regular season always assuring them a first-round bye. The road to the Super Bowl doesn’t get much easier than that.

Profit motive

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