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January 26, 2013

Sound Off

Sloppy dress

A man wrote into the paper with the complaint that men come to his dinner table wearing baseball caps. He was justified, of course. He then went on to say the same thing about men coming into a restaurant wearing baseball caps. I think he overlooked something. Didn’t he notice that the meals they ate were worth more than the clothes on their backs? We have been declining in our appearance for many years now and can’t go any lower. Torn, dirty dungarees are the attire for the day. I don’t dress this way and never have but that is only me and I seem to be in a small minority.


So, Obama and his cronies are so concerned about gun violence, yet they engaged in supplying thousands of guns to criminals through Operation Fast and Furious and are covering up their backsides now. This is the definition of hypocrisy.

No results

Under fire for devoting his first two years to Obamacare and not jobs, Obama formed his Jobs Council, promising big things. The press lauded him. As with all his publicity stunts, there are no results. He has not met with this council in 16 months, and the council expires Jan. 31. That’s typical Obama problem-solving.

Posting signs

How about Haverhill adopting the same policy as other towns and cities have regarding posting signs on street posts. It is not very attractive to ride down a street and see all these posters. Lately, on Monument Street there have been many posted. It does not appeal to the people residing there. Also it should be adopted throughout the city.

Fleeced again

I have to laugh at Deval Patrick’s new plan to fleece the hardworking taxpayers of Massachusetts. He wants to raise taxes on all the people who work and lower the sales tax which would help all the illegals who work under the table and the layabouts on welfare. Absolutely brilliant.

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