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January 26, 2013

Sound Off


Problem solved

I read where they are eliminating the nude scanning machines at Logan. If a person boards a plane with a gun or bomb, he is willing to die for his cause. Therefore, all 50 states should pass a law that if a person is scanned with such a weapon, they will be executed. They will not want to die for nothing — problem solved, no more boarding.


Why do we need money for our roads and bridges? I thought those roadside signs along the highways said that this is what the “stimulus money” was for.

Big bill

Our governor has decided to send a $2 billion bill to the taxpayers as a funding source for improvements in education and state infrastructure. I’m not sure how this will play out but there is a very good chance our pockets will be a little bit emptier. Before that happens I for one would like to know how our state senators and representatives feel about tax increases no matter what the amount. It would be nice to know before they vote so that I can better prepare for my vote later.

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