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January 28, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Patriots

I, as one of the Patriots long standing loyal fans, think that they owe their fans an apology for their uninspired lackluster performance. Bill would not speak to the media like a spoil sport and Tom looked like it was no big deal. I guess this is what you get when “athletes” are paid big money whether they are good or not. What is the incentive? Tom is probably anxious to book his tickets to Brazil to show off the new baby.

Radical Obama

Columnist Dale McFeatters thinks Obama’s idealism has been tempered by his first term. Not so. His radicalism is already being unleashed in the first few days of his lame-duck second term — 23 executive orders and hundreds of new job-killing regulations. He has already indicated he wants to raise our taxes, increase the debt ceiling and not cut the spending. Plus, he has given tax breaks to his Hollywood cronies.

Free ride

At least twice a week my train to Boston has no one collect fares. The T is crying poverty, touting how hard they are cracking down on fare evaders and then demanding fare increases, but they let 40 percent of their weekday morning revenue from my train go uncollected! Come on MBCR and MBTA, get your acts together!


Yes, Secretary Clinton, it really does matter why the killing of four Americans occurred.

Too brutal

The parents of Junior Seau are suing the NFL and it has been a long time coming. Football has always been a rough sport but the league has now made it a brutal sport and is too soft on punishment. Fifteen yards for grabbing a face mask? That’s soft. Throw them out of the game. Many years ago they could only tackle from the waist down. Some of the fans will frown on this but those few are the ones that look for car crashes at the races and fights at the hockey games. The mention of fights brings to mind how that has changed. When Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Robinson fought, it was an art. But it was not brutal enough so they came out with kick boxing, and from there to the knock-down, drag-out brutal sport we now have where they can lay on top of each other and punch each other at will. It’s stupid and brutal but it is what it is.

In your face

Four F-16 fighter jets are on their way to Egypt’s President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood. Sixteen F-16s and 200 Abrams tanks are to be given to the Egyptian government before the end of this year. Does anyone care about this? Is this something America can afford with a $16 trillion-plus deficit? Rewarding terrorists with weapons to use against us and our allies? Do you people now see what you voted for? This president is demonstrating how he feels about America. This is in your face.

Profit motive

To the Sound Off caller who is worried about privatization and thinks that making a profit is a detriment: I give you one word — FedEx! Great service, great pricing, great attitudes, and they post a profit at the same time — none of which can be said for the government run post office! Profit motives are what made us the strongest country in the world in a mere 200 years, while other countries still struggle.