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February 1, 2013

Sound Off

Shrinking economy

Headline: “Economy shrinks for first time in three years.” So with all President Obama’s spending in the past, he has made our economy shrink instead of grow as he promised. And Obama wants to continue his out of control spending. For what reason exactly? To make sure our economy tanks. The economy shrinking is just more undeniable evidence of Obama’s utter and total incompetence. God help us all, for we have another four years of this incompetence and deception to completely destroy our great country.

Shrinking donuts?

What’s going on with Dunkin’ Donuts? Their bagels and donuts are starting to look the size of Cheerios. It’s like everything else I guess: spend more get less.

Jobs first

I am much older than those nuts on both sides of the aisle in Washington. What are they thinking about when they are trying to decide how to get the 11 million illegal immigrants to become citizens? Compassion is wonderful, but don’t let it over rule your brain. We already have a bloated population of over 300 million and no decent paying job. Before those smart alecks in Washington take on more immigrants, get some decent paying jobs. Our population is already third world size.

Our loss

I am a former high school player in the area as well as former collegiate football player. I am a current college football coach and have known Coach Raff for several years through camps, clinics and mutual friends. It is appalling that the North Andover administration would get rid of Coach Raff for simply doing his job. This is a loss to not only the school system, but the community as well.

Raff and Belichick

Coach Rafferty shaped the North Andover football program into what it is today. He is the heart and soul of that team. Firing Raff is almost like firing Belichick; it’s just wouldn’t be the same without him. I do hope the town looks into the firing and rethinks it for the good of the pride of North Andover.

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