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February 2, 2013

Sound Off

Chain of command

Here is the leadership chain in North Andover on the firing of John Rafferty: Superintendent Kevin Hutchinson, silent. School Committee, preventing a forum for those concerned. High School Principal Carla Scuzzarella, never met Raff until she helped fire him, enough said. Athletic Director John Longley, my way or the highway, no one can stop me.

Beverly Connection

Let me get this straight. Harry Harutunian, disgraced superintendent paid nearly $200,000 to go away. Carla Scuzzarella, disconnected high school principal who after six years still cannot identify most of the students in her school. Jon Longley, athletic director who fires coaches regardless of success and leadership. All from Beverly. Longley’s hand picked successor to Raff, a gym teacher from Beverly. School Committee, do you see a pattern developing here? How is Beverly working out for you?

Speak out

To the North Andover football players and parents of the players who were suspended: Please speak out. Did you or didn’t you feel that Rafferty handled the situation appropriately?

Fresh ideas

A lot of new ideas have come on the market in recent years, especially the cell phone, but here are a few I wonder whether will ever be on the market. In the summer, people eat in their car if they go to a drive-up, like a fried clam stand. Why haven’t they come out with screens in the car windows? Why hasn’t a hearing aid come out that really blocks out the background noises? Why not iron bars adjustable to fit any window and locked into place so a small child cannot fall out the window? You could take these anywhere you go. This is just a start. I can’t do these myself because I am a nonagenarian.

Scouts’ honor

The Boy Scouts have always taught honor and courage. But now we see them being bullied into reversing their policy on homosexuals in the Scouts. Whatever one thinks of that policy, it is a sad thing to see what is happening in our country. When someone disagrees with you, just bully them into submission. If the Scouts give in to corporate pressure, then they will have lost their honor and caved in to a bunch of bullies. It will be another step back for our society.

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