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February 3, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

A Republican declares the Republican Party stupid

To the editor:

Bobby Jindal, Louisiana’s conservative governor, said, “The Republican Party has to stop being stupid.”

He’s right, but the “stupids” control the party. They demolished Richard Lugar, a Republican senator unmatched in foreign affairs and well respected by both parties; they abandoned Olympia Snow, who retired rather than work with the stupids. Some call them the Tea Partiers. I just call them “stupids.”

Charlie Christ, former Republican governor of Florida, became a Democrat. Chris Christie, Republican governor of New Jersey, praises Obama and ridicules Republicans. Mitt Romney worked harder to win over the stupids than he did the presidency. The stupids have stupid mouthpieces: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh and Paul Ryan.

A stupid conservative from Missouri said if a woman is raped her body has chemical to “shut that whole thing down.” A conservative, stupid senator from Indiana declared rape is a blessing if a child results. The stupids cluster in Red States. Some stupids believe that a doctor who does an abortion should face capital punishment.

Stupids reject science. Despite the warming of the earth, the disappearance of snowcapped mountains, lakes that became ponds that became meadows and are now fields, birds that change their migration, and unpredictable superstorms, the stupids declare it’s God’s will. Carbon emissions, coal burning plants, automobile pollution are for the elite intellectuals who are communists, atheists, reds, leftists, etc.

The stupids have supernatural mythological religious beliefs. They are clustered in the stupider parts of the country, where teenage pregnancy is high, unemployment is high, high school dropout rates are high, and illiteracy still plagues some communities in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, and South Dakota.

They carry a lethal weapon of ignorance and arrogance, becoming apopletic when hearing the word evolution. They fight hard to maintain the ignorance of their children by weakening educational standards. Thus, their children learn more mythology while they wonder why their children are low in science, math and reading.

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