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February 3, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — A Republican declares the Republican Party stupid

To the editor:

Bobby Jindal, Louisiana’s conservative governor, said, “The Republican Party has to stop being stupid.”

He’s right, but the “stupids” control the party. They demolished Richard Lugar, a Republican senator unmatched in foreign affairs and well respected by both parties; they abandoned Olympia Snow, who retired rather than work with the stupids. Some call them the Tea Partiers. I just call them “stupids.”

Charlie Christ, former Republican governor of Florida, became a Democrat. Chris Christie, Republican governor of New Jersey, praises Obama and ridicules Republicans. Mitt Romney worked harder to win over the stupids than he did the presidency. The stupids have stupid mouthpieces: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh and Paul Ryan.

A stupid conservative from Missouri said if a woman is raped her body has chemical to “shut that whole thing down.” A conservative, stupid senator from Indiana declared rape is a blessing if a child results. The stupids cluster in Red States. Some stupids believe that a doctor who does an abortion should face capital punishment.

Stupids reject science. Despite the warming of the earth, the disappearance of snowcapped mountains, lakes that became ponds that became meadows and are now fields, birds that change their migration, and unpredictable superstorms, the stupids declare it’s God’s will. Carbon emissions, coal burning plants, automobile pollution are for the elite intellectuals who are communists, atheists, reds, leftists, etc.

The stupids have supernatural mythological religious beliefs. They are clustered in the stupider parts of the country, where teenage pregnancy is high, unemployment is high, high school dropout rates are high, and illiteracy still plagues some communities in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, and South Dakota.

They carry a lethal weapon of ignorance and arrogance, becoming apopletic when hearing the word evolution. They fight hard to maintain the ignorance of their children by weakening educational standards. Thus, their children learn more mythology while they wonder why their children are low in science, math and reading.

They stupids call themselves Christians but don’t practice the teachings of Jesus in their voting patterns. They vote for those who are xenophobic, anti-gay, and anti-labor. Guns should be carried anytime, anywhere, anyplace for protection — maybe even a church so children can protect themselves from predators.

The stupids tell us government is the problem, but they want us to make sure workplaces are safe, medicine is properly regulated, food is edible, police are qualified, fire departments have up to date equipment, roads are good and planes are safe. They want everything but don’t want to pay for it. When anything fails, it’s the fault of the government, not a stupid.

If the Republican Party wants to gain votes, it will have to purge itself of the stupids.

Michael Veves


The troubling coverup surrounding siege of Benghazi

To the editor:

I have given up hope that anything good will come from the Benghazi hearings. I believe in my heart there is a major coverup taking place and something terrible and awful happened at the consulate on Sept. 11, 2012.

Those of us who have had children serve our nation by working in the consulates and embassies find this to be very troubling. But it is even more tormenting for those parents who have loved ones currently serving.

You would like to think that they are as safe as they possibly could be, and if something happened the United States of America would do everything to save them.

Sigonella Air Base in southern Italy is just 480 miles from Benghazi. F-16s and Apache helicopters remained parked and unused at Aviano Air Base in northern Italy. A low-flying F-18 with after-burners on would have quickly dispersed any crowd if the Obama administration was worried about strafing the area with bullets. We know from documentation that there was a drone over the embassy watching events unfold.

Rumors continue to surface that Ambassador Chris Stevens was sodomized with a metal pipe, which is exactly what they did to Gadhafi. But we will never know if it did or did not happen because officials will not release the autopsies.

Thank God our son is done with his service with the State Department. During the briefings last week, I listened in shock as Secretary Clinton referred to the elite and highly trained MSG Marines as very young. These brave and, yes, young, men are culled from thousands, and only the few are chosen to train at Quantico and serve.

What an insult from a woman who reaps the benefit of their skills.

Many on the left believe this is a waste of tax dollars driven by the Republicans. Four Americans died, and we still don’t know why, yet they believe it is politically driven.

The president made the decision to go into Libya with NATO without going to Congress for approval. This was his choice alone. He bears the burden of these deaths and is responsible for leaving four Americans unprotected to be murdered.

But, as Secretary Clinton says, “What difference does it make?”

Jeralyn Levasseur


Some questions for March for Life participants

To the editor:

In the March for Life, of the half a million marchers, I wonder how many have adopted unwanted babies from poor areas of our country. Is it true that the word is much easier than the cross?

Of these marchers how many backed our previous two wars and condone drone strikes that kill innocent children?

I think answers to these questions would be illuminating.

Vincent J. Luisi