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February 3, 2013

Column: Before gun control, Obama lobbies for thought control

So, this is what a “conversation” on gun control looks like to President Obama: You paint those who disagree with you as un-American and enablers of mass murder. And there’s not much interest in actually listening to the “folks” who disagree with him.

The president, freed from the need to run for office again, appears relieved that he also no longer has to pretend that he cares about unity in his quest to transform the country.

His previous claim that there is no Red or Blue America, but only, “the United States of America?” Never mind.

Remember when George W. Bush was president, and Democrats constantly said dissent was “the highest form of patriotism?” Never mind.

Whatever your view of the Second Amendment, it is worth considering there is some serious manipulation going on here. And if you are lulled into complacency by warm, fuzzy promises, you’re headed to a place where freedom really will be just another word for nothing left to lose.

For starters, government by tragic anecdote is a terrible way to govern. But that is the key to this campaign.

Tapping once again into the mantra of his former chief of staff and now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel never to let “a serious crisis go to waste,” the president first surrounded himself with children — juvenile human shields, as some observed — when he signed a series of executive orders related to gun control.

The president has said the “American people” are on his side, that those who oppose his agenda are simply a powerful lobbying group. So he doesn’t even have to say it explicitly; the 45 percent or so who still want to protect gun rights don’t even qualify as “American people.”

Next, Obama and his supporters know that before you can achieve gun control, you have to achieve thought control. Hence, the effort to erase “gun control” from the debate. It’s been replaced with “gun safety.”

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