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February 5, 2013

Sound Off


A recent caller cited “Obamacards” for illegal aliens. It made me think of an even worse scenario. You know the lying Democrats will start off slowly, but step by step, they will manage to make all 11 million illegals trusted Democrat votes. I envision all the farm workers in California and Florida becoming unionized like good Democrats, going on strike and collecting unemployment for a couple of years. Under this scenario, either food prices go through the roof or the food doesn’t get planted or rots in the fields while people starve. Are there any Washington hacks with the intelligence to understand the potential consequences of their moronic behavior?

Tax the rich

They can talk all they want to about cutting spending. Even if they took a large amount out of Social Security, unemployment and retirement, all they would be doing is hurting people who earned these entitlements. It does not take a genius to know that as long as the 1 percent own it all and are not hit with a big tax we will always have a financial problem. We all know that France hit their affluent with a 75 percent tax increase.

Drop it, Joe

Hi, Joe Soloman, rather than be greedy, why not just be happy making well over $100K per year and drop the lawsuits. Others in this town who help pay your salary from our limited incomes, make nowhere near your net income. And our taxes just went up again thanks to you and your cohorts in town.

Math lesson

Let’s see. Methuen municipal union members are getting a 5 percent pay raise, and police patrolmen and superior officers will get 10 percent raises (the police went without a raise since 2009). Well, senior citizens on Social Security only got a 1.7 percent raise after going two years without an increase. Not fair. And just who is doing the fuzzy math on the average annual tax bill going up only $163? The tax rate jumped by $1.36 ($13.04 to $14.40) per $1,000 of valuation which means the average residential property is assessed at $120,000. I don’t think so.

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