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February 13, 2013

Sound Off

Good plow guy

Thank you to the VERY nice plow driver on Old Ferry Road Saturday in the black truck who shifted his blade just a tiny bit to spare the two senior citizens and their younger neighbor extra work. It did not go unnoticed, but we were not able to thank you. You are a kind man, and God bless.

Bad plow guy

Thanks to the Methuen DPW contractor for leaving seven feet of snow off the edge of the road in Pleasant Valley. I do not mind shoveling one to two feet to give access to mail delivery. However, I do not want to shovel the entire roadway. After three calls to the DPW yard, Saturday through Monday morning, I was told they would send a plow to correct the situation. A city plow and backhoe came back and scraped only the middle of the road. I am now going outside to shovel the job the DPW will not do. Maybe I should be paid for shoveling the road.

Not my problem

I’m tired of listening to towns and cities telling homeowners to clear the snow from sidewalks in front of their homes, with threats of fines. Sidewalks belong to the towns and cities. I notice that whatever the season, most of the people I see walking are walking in the streets. Sidewalks in my neighborhood get very little use.

Help the strays

With the mounds of snow we just inherited, do not forget the outdoor animals. Stray cats or wildlife around your home may have gotten trapped under your porch or deck. There are abandoned pets left outdoors that may have become entrapped where they sought shelter in the storm. With this amount of snow they may not be able to exit or dig out. Please check areas around your home if you believe there may be a stray cat or any wildlife stuck under a porch, deck or shed. Any area that you think an animal sought shelter and could freeze or starve to death. Anyone who owns cats and leaves them outdoors should be fined and jailed for such cruelty.

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