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February 15, 2013

Sound Off


Thanks to the Atkinson Elderly Affairs and Police Department for the lovely floral arrangement I received on my 90th birthday. Thank you.


Am I the only one who thinks naming of winter storms by The Weather Channel and now Accuweather absurd hype. TWC and Accuweather clients WBZ Radio and TV should be shunned for this idiocy. Snow in the snowbelt — who would have thunk it! The hype they are trying to create and milk for all it’s worth is embarrassing. Jim Cantore must want to wear a paper bag over his head when he goes into work at the once proud Weather Channel. At least Harvey Leonard at Channel 5 has not succumbed to this nonsense.

Save money

The question that needs to be asked is: Why is North Andover High Principal Carla Scuzzarella making the hiring and firing decisions for coaches? What makes her qualified? Has anyone seen her at an athletic event? The School Committee can fire Longley, get rid of his salary, replace him with an administrator, save money and eliminate user fees.

I’m talking

You have to love some policemen who use their power to intimidate women. Had an incident happen on Route 114 where I had to stop abruptly for a cruiser with sirens and flashing blue lights. The cruiser stopped on the side of my car before rushing on his way to rudely yell for me to get off my phone. Sorry, but as far as I am aware, I can legally still talk on my phone while driving. No driving while texting, I respect and honor. But please don’t tell me to stop talking on my phone until it becomes law. Go take care of your business and I will take care of mine.


I believe that Stephen Campbell should be commended. He is the only selectman in Salem who cares about the people, and not how much money they can spend. Salem continues to be run by the select few who seem to put their own agenda above that of the general public. I guess that will never change.

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