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February 16, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Debt crisis

Americans had better wake up. It should be clear that Mr. Obama can really campaign, he can really deliver a speech and he can sure conceive of an infinite array of ways to spend other people’s money. But, he does not know how to prepare or live within a budget, he has no concept of spending cuts unless it is about defense and he has no clue how bad the real job picture is and what to do to really improve it. Almost every budget expert says we are on a unsustainable path under Obama’s policies which has raised the national debt about $6 trillion in four years. Yet, as the time approaches to implement the small — about 2 percent per year — spending cuts from the “sequester program” that Mr. Obama engineered and signed into law during the previous budget battle, he demagogues the process and once again wants to kick the can down the road with exaggerations about negative impacts on jobs, children and those in need.

Dogs’ business

What’s it going to take to get these dog owners to stop letting their dogs do their business in my yard as well as my neighbors. I see it every day and it galls me at how ignorant these people are. I pay good money to have my lawn treated all summer long and I don’t appreciate my lawn being used as a toilet for your dog.

Driving ban

I, for one, want to commend Gov. Deval Patrick and his team for being proactive and issuing the state of emergency for the blizzard last week. It certainly was not an insult to my intelligence. I was glad that someone knew what they were doing and had the smarts to set a plan of action in motion. There were no stranded cars on the highways as there were on the Long Island Expressway. How long did that take to clear up? How many lives were saved by keeping people off the streets and away from the ocean? The city had a chance to clean the public transit system and airport without risking injury or lives.

Plowing plan

I understand this was a blizzard of epic proportions but this makes no sense to me. They plowed my street at least five times in the course of five days, all on the even side of the street. I was forced to shovel out my driveway entrance four times. Wednesday, they plowed the odd side of the street. Unfortunately, cars were parked there at the time, so all the driveways get plowed in and the street is no better or wider. Thank you, Lawrence DPW. Your brilliance should be rewarded.


Marco Rubio proved he is not ready for prime time in his State of the Union response speech, not because he was trying to speak through parched lips caused by nervousness or lunging for bottled water, but because he contradicted himself without realizing he was doing so. First, too much of his speech was about himself as he tried to appear as a common man, but mainly because the very big government he criticized he then extolled for the Medicare it provides his parents and the over $100,000 he borrowed to go to college.