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February 21, 2013

Letter: First family’s separate vacations are too costly

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

As Calvin Cool@text1:idge stated: “Any government that spends more than it takes in is sinful.”

President Obama has taken this ideal 180 degrees. He has brought America to a fiscal cliff where there is no limit to spending with borrowed money but he can go to Hawaii on one vacation flying on Air Force One separate from the first lady. This past weekend, he flew into Palm Beach, Fla., for a golf lesson while his wife went to Aspen, Colo. His trip costs over $100,000 per hour for Secret Service, Air Force One, and all the rest of the presidential amenities. Michelle has her huge entourage with her but maybe her skiing trip costs more because of distance?

This is a total disgrace and shameful beyond belief when this country is suffering horrifically. How can anyone in their right mind advocate this sort of thing? I hope with his golf lesson, he gets a hole-in-one because he has put an economic hole in this country. A corporate or political leader should lead by example.

David Hawkins