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February 21, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Etiquette

I work occasionally at a funeral home, have recently attended wakes of friends and have to say that people’s behavior has been atrocious and is getting worse. Here are a few things to keep in mind: If calling hours begin at 4 p.m., do not show up early. We try to let the family of the deceased have some private time prior to the start. Please give them some respect during this difficult time. At the end of calling hours please be respectful and leave. The family has been greeting people often non-stop for two to four hours. They’re tired, emotionally drained and may still need to review final arrangements with the funeral director. Many, if not most, states have laws restricting food and drink in the rooms with the deceased. This isn’t coffee klatch time so keep your coffee and water bottles in your car. Please dress appropriately. You’re not going clubbing or out to clean a septic tank. We have about a dozen trash cans through out the facility yet we are always picking up cups, tissues, candy and wrappers off the floor. And please wipe your feet in bad weather. Pretend it’s your home.

The best

I would like to thank two Haverhill city workers, Tom Malynn and Paul Lavoie, for helping me when I slipped on the ice near the cafe. They were very nice and even took me in for a nice cup of hot cocoa. Haverhill has the finest.

Freeze prices

I have never been a fan of Richard Nixon but I read that when inflation got out of hand he froze everything and stopped it. That is one of the things Obama should do and the faster the better. We all know who makes out during inflation and who loses every day. When any product goes up, our income is lowered. When practically all wages are frozen until the next negotiation, this inflation is eating away at middle-class wages. When are they going to demand a fair shake? It surprises me that someone or some group hasn’t complained by now. What are they waiting for? Their pay is getting smaller by the day. Freeze prices.


All the talk about sequestration crippling our economy is just another scare tactic played upon the American people. In simple math terms, we are $16 trillion in debt and the sequester calls for $100 billion per year in cuts. That is the same as a household being $160,000 in debt and trying to figure out how to save $1,000. Although the cuts are miniscule, it is a start. Let them cut. Although we know that will never happen because a 11th-hour deal will be reached.

‘State-run media’

Henceforth, we should all refer to the networks ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc, as the “state-run media.” The term “mainstream media” is obsolete and no longer has any meaning.

Free money

Can someone please explain to me how a person from Massachusetts can collect welfare, food stamps, free medical and housing money and still get a tax refund? What is wrong with this country? The working people pay taxes and get less money than people who get free money and tax refunds. If you get all this free money from the government, then you shouldn’t be receiving a tax refund.