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March 17, 2013

Column: We’re getting the Bloombergs we deserve

Maybe we should start calling New York the Big Sugary Soda instead of the Big Apple.

The city’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who had been busy congratulating himself for saving his helpless subjects from obesity by slapping big soft drinks out of their hands, got his own hand slapped by the state’s Supreme Court, which reversed the ban just as it was set to take effect this past Tuesday.

Drink up! Let freedom ring! It’s been all over the news, from the cable shout fests to serious “thought leaders” on National Public Radio. Comedian/actor Steve Carrell walked on to David Letterman Tuesday night carrying a couple of the 32-ounce variety, and the crowd went wild.

I’m a little less amused. The whole thing makes me about as sick as I would feel if I actually drank a soft drink of that size.

Yes, in this one case, the courts told a politician that he had gone too far – that it was not within his power to dictate what size cups of soda that drink vendors can sell and people can buy.

But Bloomberg, who said he plans to appeal, knows that losing a battle does not mean losing the war. He and the other proponents of the smothering nanny state know that both time and public opinion, are on their side. He knows that instead of a real movement for freedom, this is more like the last gasps of a creature that doesn’t realize it is in a lethal trap until it is too late.

He knows that “choice” these days refers to only one thing – abortion. A woman should not be allowed to “control her own body” if it means putting a soft drink into it that an elected official has determined is too big.

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