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March 19, 2013

Sound Off

Rights and obligations

Voting is a constitutional right. Gun ownership is a constitutional right. Requiring simple universal documentation for one of these two civil rights would be far too complicated and would create an unacceptable hardship and burden on U.S. citizens, effectively creating a financial and bureaucratic barrier to many citizen’s fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution. For the other, simple universal documentation is a reasonable and sound request, which will apparently not hinder any American from exercising his or her constitutional rights.


I’m calling about the Methuen Fire Department and how wonderful they are. The alarm went off in the middle of the night, and it was very scary. The next morning, I called the Fire Department, and one of the firemen came over to check the alarm and changed the batteries for me. What a relief that was. The Fire Department does a lot of good, and they deserve credit.

Double talk

The Haverhill School Committee wants to extend Superintendent Scully’s contract. Committee member Joe Bevilacqua’s comment relative to extending the superintendent’s contract represent the best of Joe’s standard double talk: “He’s done a great job, but I’m worried about the road to success.” What does that mean?

Time change

It is the 21st century. The logic behind changing the clocks in the spring and fall is archaic. Pick a seasonal time and stick to it. It doesn’t matter which one is chosen — just make it permanent. The elderly, babies, and critically ill patients on critically serious medications can be negatively affected by the seasonal time changes; and there can be a blip in the economy as well. These time changes disrupt circadian rhythms (the body’s clocks). Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa never change their clocks from daylight saving time. Why is the rest of the country is stuck in the systems of the past?

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