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March 20, 2013

Sound Off

Recycling Haverhill

Recently I contacted the Mayor’s office to complain about how we take time to wash and sort bottles and papers for the recycling program in Haverhill. I was baffled as to why when we spend this time and effort to support the green initiative and revenue stream for the town, the trash pickers are allowed to race around ahead of the trash trucks and take our bottles out of our recycling containers. The Mayor’s office said there was nothing they could do! So why are we bothering to make it easier for the trash pickers and not have our efforts go to the town? Is there no law to stop them from taking our bottles and cans for their profit?

Finances, first

I just read where Councilor Jennifer Kannan is going to run for mayor in Methuen. What is it about Methuen politics that cause some people to think that if they’ve served more than one or two terms as a councilor, they have all the answers to qualify them as mayor? Yes, safety in our schools is important. Yes, keeping schools in tip-top shape educationally is important. But before that, Methuen needs to bring in more businesses in order to take some of the tax burden off its residents. Pristine parks and historical buildings can come after Methuen is in better shape financially. For me, it’s time to stop voting in Methuen until I see someone better qualified than what has shown up lately.


Perhaps our president would believe we have a money problem if he would give up some of his fancy vacations, golf trips, personal taster, three on-staff calligraphers and overuse of Air Force One. Then he could spend a little time in the Oval Office, obey the law, and try writing a budget. That would definitely be an eye-opener for the man!

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