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March 21, 2013

Sound Off

White House

Under Obama the White House is open to wealthy donors for $500,000 per dinner, yet closed to school children, as Obama claims not enough money to pay Secret Service.

Housing problems

They should eliminate Section 8 and low-income housing that is shared by the working class. When we have a snowstorm at our apartment complex, half the cars are covered with snow the next morning, and half are cleaned off. Those cars are owned by the employed who go to work each day so that the lazy ones can stay home. Not all, but most of them are the first ones to destroy their apartments, trash the grounds with litter and dog poop and complain when the elevator does not work for them because their delivery pizza guy had to walk upstairs. Our maintenance staff work around the clock, and they put up with a lot. So does the office. And it is always the ones that live here for free, or $12 a month. It needs to stop. I cannot afford a place in Nantucket, so I don’t live there. I understand my place.

Shooting incident

I find it absolutely amazing that at 3 a.m. in the morning, they were having a birthday party for a 7-year-old! The things that go on in this once great city are just incredible!

Kindness lacking

Regarding cars that will not stop for turning traffic: I do not expect traffic to stop for me. I expect people to have an ounce of kindness, which seems to be too much to ask of people. It is not just in traffic. People are like that everywhere. It’s the “me” generation.

Gun rights

The Second Amendment guarantees the “right to bear arms.” Let’s allow everyone a musket and a cannon. That should match the intent of our forefathers.

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