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March 24, 2013



Because of my past interest, my ears perked up when someone at a party last Sunday mentioned the new crisis and recommended we all watch the European markets when they opened on Monday. I was busy in 2008 and almost missed the banking crisis/fiscal meltdown as it almost happened, didn’t want to miss this one!

Well, I’m not feeling smug about my geographical knowledge; I discovered last week that I didn’t know where North Korea was. As it threatened us with nuclear weapons, I wondered why we were deploying our nuclear defense system to Alaska: I’ve always pictured Korea situated off the southern part of China, a peninsula sticking into the South China Sea near the Philippines.

Not anywhere near. North Korea stretches along the coast of northeastern China, and, at its northern tip, touches Russia!

I had felt somewhat smug in 2008 knowing Sarah Palin was right when she said one can see Russia from Alaska; so many allegedly smart Americans made fun of her. North Korea doesn’t touch that Bering Strait part of Russia, but it’s too close for comfort if it ever gets a decent delivery system.

Putin probably isn’t thrilled about a nuclear missile flying over Russia either, guided by a technologically-deficient third world government. Maybe he and Obama shouldn’t have celebrated the cuts in Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative; it would be nice if North Korea knew any threat to nuke America will always be useless.

So, as you read this, spring is officially here. But the sins of fiscal irresponsibility and poor prioritization will eventually come home to roost with spring chickens. We won’t deserve to be forgiven until we atone for our ongoing inattention to the economic consequences of our election decisions.

Barbara Anderson is executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation and a regular contributor to the opinion pages.

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