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March 25, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Well oiled

The attacks on the voucher program in New Hampshire is really about keeping the Democratic machine well lubricated. The money flows from the taxpayers to the teachers union to the Democrats. The Democrats will do whatever it takes to protect that money flow.


One writer wrote in and said we are losing our land and to take it back. If I thought we were I certainly would not look to Peter, Paul and Mary to get it back. Exactly to whom are we losing it? All my friends and relatives own their homes. None is losing it — not even to the banks. If we were losing it then it wouldn’t be to the group of, as he says, the fat cats in Washington. They are only a small group. It would be the one-percenters. They own it all and there over 3 million of them.

Gun rights

To the Sound Off caller who believes the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to modern firearms because the founding fathers only had muskets: Using that logic then you must also believe that the First Amendment protection of free speech doesn’t apply to radio, TV or the Internet, because the founding fathers didn’t have any of those either, right? That sucking sound you hear is your point going down the drain.

Why no casino?

The first state-run lottery of the 20th century was right here in Salem, N.H., in 1963. In fact, Gov. John King was the first person to purchase a lottery ticket. Does anyone remember the place on Route 28 near Rockingham Park that sold those tickets? The sign is still there — in fact it’s right across the railroad tracks. That sign read, “Granite State Lottery.” Is that enough proof that Salem legalized gambling? I even bought tickets there years ago, too. So why can’t Salem open a casino at Rockingham Park? Think of it this way: There were only two places that allowed legal gambling in 1963, Las Vegas and Salem, N.H. Come on, Salem! Get with the program now. We’re on the losing side! We should have had a casino by now.

Homes at risk

I’m sorry for folks who lose their homes on vulnerable beach front. But they should understand the risk they take purchasing or building a home on a body of water that can continually change the shoreline. Everything you have done to protect your property should come out of your pockets, not the taxpayers. Think of the years you have enjoyed your ocean views and the beach while most of the taxpayers have not. And then you complain that the state or government isn’t helping you? I would assume you have insurance. I do not want my tax dollars going to those who risk living in vulnerable areas.

Tax the rich

Some in Congress have the nerve to ask for lesser taxes for the rich. It is not enough that they do not pay their share of the income tax. Why isn’t the IRS auditing them? I made the mistake of saving some money; they audited me. I have six children and I guess the Republicans do not think any of the working class are smart enough to budget our paychecks. Yeah, 47 percent of us poor jerks do not work, according to Romney.