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November 13, 2012

Sound Off


Rude awakening

Of course Ann Romney cried, as did 49 percent of other Americans on the death of the United States as we have known it for over 236 years. Elizabeth Warren is in for a rude awakening when she gets down to Washington and looks behind her and Deval Patrick isn’t there to answer questions for her. A socialist government is right around the corner. Obama’s presidential library is going to be filled with vacation photos and nothing he accomplished. We are stuck with him for four more years thanks to people who didn’t vote with their heads.

Call Obama

My family has decided that from now on when we receive telephone solicitations for money we will tell them to call Obama.


I was driving straight on Howe Street in Methuen when a male driver cut right in front of me to turn left onto Route 213. I signaled him by flashing my high-beams and his response was sticking up his middle finger to me! How ridiculous that people cannot accept their wrongdoing and apologize.

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