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September 19, 2013

Sound Off


I get so angry when I read about all the people who say they voted for “Willie” because he paved their street. My street got paved, too, but I’m not voting for Lantigua because the schools are in receivership, we need a state-appointed financial overseer, the mayor is being investigated, his friends have been indicted and he continues to pay them with money the city doesn’t have. He’s so crooked he can’t even think straight. But those little things can be overlooked because, hey, he paved my street! It’s no wonder the city has the problems it does with this kind of illogical reasoning.


I am totally disgusted with these liberal Democrats that are convinced that guns are the problem with all these mass shootings instead of addressing the real cause which is severe mental illness. Keep in mind this shooter and murderer, Aaron Alexis, was granted a clearance by the federal government even though he had a history of mental illness and had purchased all his guns legally. Guns are not the problem. It is I stress mental illness. But all these liberals don’t want the mentally disturbed incarcerated against their will because it would violate their civil rights. What about the civil rights of all those victims? Just more perverted thinking from the liberal Democrats.

No primary

I really wish that Methuen had better publicized that there would be no primary. There was nothing on their website canceling it, and their posted election calendar listed a primary on the 17th. I had several family members go to the polls to find that there was no election.


Riverview Boulevard in Methuen has overgrown bushes going out in the road. I walk my dog and almost get hit by cars everyday. Children riding bikes almost got hit yesterday. I called the DPW, the mayor — no one answers my calls. What do we do now?

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