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September 21, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Hunking School

Haverhill keeps on “biggering and biggering” and I’m sick of it. Has anyone even thought of doing this project within the city’s means? They could demolish the bad school, and reconstruct at a fraction of the cost. Right now, Hunking School is grades 6 to 8 with lots of grasslands, three baseball fields that overflow with activity amid a lovely rural setting. If you build a “super-school” you will take healthy grassland used by countless children and families, and turn it into a parking lot. Has anyone stopped to even consider the consequences of traffic from nine grades of parents and their cars on little, rural, back roads. The project will undoubtedly last longer than anticipated and go over budget. All will be crying the yearly “song of the tax hike” that’s needed “for the children.” I’ve been paying a mortgage in Haverhill for 16 years. I can do without the smug mayor and councilors that want to just “roll over” my money for another 20 years. Who’s looking out for the protection of the working sheep? Cause from here, all I see are wolves after my pocketbook.

Sewer service

Over 100 homes in Salem that are supposedly represented by selectmen Stephen Campbell, James Keller, and Michael Lyons are truly not! You think that they would take a simple survey of the residents of School and Bridge streets to find out if we want sewer service. I have had my system replaced in the past, at a cost of over $20,000. A lot of older homes in the area still rely on holding tanks and cesspools. If we had sewerage I believe it would alleviate a lot of run off that I get in my cellar every spring. Please ask us!


Politics is alive and well in the Democratic Party. Martha Coakley has done very little in the investigation of Willie Lantigua and his cohorts. So far all he has gotten a slap on the wrist for his actions. Now lo and behold she decides to come to Lawrence seeking support in her bid for governor. Am I the only one who thinks this smells so rotten? Yet the voters in Lawrence who can change this are too lazy to get out and vote. Lantigua paves a couple of streets and the people think he is their savior. There isn’t one politician in the state who will step up and say this is wrong because they lack courage.

For adults

In response to the complaints about Miley Cyrus: MTV is not a network for children under 16 and even then may be too much information for older teens. The MTV award show is no different and people should know by now it is going to be raunchy. Yes Miley Cyrus’ performance was that, but guess what — everybody was talking about her. The Video Music Awards are fast becoming adult entertainment, so if you don’t want shock entertainment don’t watch and keep your children away from it. There are those who saw nothing wrong with her XXX performance and they have the right to say so. Bottom line: turn it off, turn the channel or turn the page of a good book along with your child. Don’t blame America for not complaining and thumping their Bibles over a TV show aimed at the 18-plus group, even while parents let younger kids watch. To each his own.