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September 21, 2013

Sound Off


For adults

In response to the complaints about Miley Cyrus: MTV is not a network for children under 16 and even then may be too much information for older teens. The MTV award show is no different and people should know by now it is going to be raunchy. Yes Miley Cyrus’ performance was that, but guess what — everybody was talking about her. The Video Music Awards are fast becoming adult entertainment, so if you don’t want shock entertainment don’t watch and keep your children away from it. There are those who saw nothing wrong with her XXX performance and they have the right to say so. Bottom line: turn it off, turn the channel or turn the page of a good book along with your child. Don’t blame America for not complaining and thumping their Bibles over a TV show aimed at the 18-plus group, even while parents let younger kids watch. To each his own.

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