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September 23, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Fight fraud

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to the taxpayers if politicians like Sen. Kathleen O’Connor Ives expressed as much indignation over the amount of taxpayer money being fraudulently doled out to welfare cheaters, as she is about money not going to people on unemployment quickly enough? Does she not realize that the new system that is being deployed will be more efficient and cost effective, once the bugs are worked out? My guess is that she doesn’t want to offend the types of voters who played a large role in electing her and other politicians of her type, who feel that terms like efficiency and cost-effectiveness with the taxpayers’ money are not of importance.


We have a president who ignores the will of now over 70 percent of the people that want Obamacare repealed or completely defunded. Obama has promised to veto any attempt to stop Obamacare. Obama acts more like a dictator every day and we all work for him when he supposed to be working for the people and their wants and desires. What a horrible mistake we made voting him in for another four years but it won’t take him that long to completely destroy America.

For Kannan

Jennifer Kannan is my choice for Methuen mayor. She treats people with respect and she always tries to help, no matter what the issue. She’s not about politics. She is about making a difference and will make Methuen a better place.

Holder and guns

Here’s the joke of the decade: Eric Holder wants Congress to “take steps to keep guns from falling into the wrong hands.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t “Fast and Furious” a program that came with Eric Holder’s blessing, and didn’t those guns, just a little bit, “fall into the wrong hands”? I guess it’s OK when the liberal Democrats make hypocritical statements like this, but anyone else is taken to the woodshed! We need a new attorney general — one who has some morals and ethics!

Need gun laws

People who say “guns don’t kill, people do”, are the delusional ones in this world. People kill and its time this country wakes up to that fact. Is the cop in North Carolina that shot an unarmed crash victim mentally ill? Is George Zimmerman mentally ill? Is Aaron Hernandez mentally ill? These are just a few high profile gun cases. Chicago, New York, everywhere across this country gun violence is on the rise. Four people an hour die everyday from gun violence. So everyone that fires a gun at another person is mentally ill? If you believe that than maybe you are mentally ill, too. We need real gun laws in this country and it needs to start with handguns! And for the record, I am a Republican.

Bush and WMDs

Has it ever occurred to those still bashing Bush about Iraq to wonder where the WMD went while we waited for the useless UN inspectors? Look on a map. Iraq and Syria border each other. Syria used WMD. I wonder where they went?